Ideas... Ideas... and more Ideas... Part 1

2009-05-21 13:12:45 by JaveyArt

I realy like Newgrounds, but the only way i can help here is or with art or music...
But I got more than that. Much more.

I am known in my school for my Voice Acting... I can make various voices with no problem.
I am also very creative! I writed a book that is going to be out (in portugal) in this month...

The problem is... tools.

No flash... no microphone... no tablet... (wich is very hard to find here)

So i decided to change all that...

I'm going to start to create more stories, buy a microphone and create a Demo.
So, to show some of my ideas for books or Falsh Animations, I'm going to post here some of my ideas... (and a lil pinch of my book)

1st Idea:
Tenebrae City
An accident in the Tenebrae City High School's Laboratory has caused a malfunction in 5 students that started spreading an infection that raises the human speed, accuracy and strength, but the person is filled with rage and looses control. It totally spreads around the city in 1 day.
The survivors?
-A 15 years old kid named Mick A.K.A. "The Raven" who was not totally infected, but its enough to be proctected from the virus and has gained the speed of the "infected". His weapons are a Desert Eagle 50 Action Express and a silver cross.
-A 16 years old kid named Jhon A.K.A. "Spark" who was also not totally infected so he is too protected from the virus, and has gained the strength of the "infected". He uses a M4 Carbine A1 and a Bazuca that he likes to call Betsy.
-A 15 years old kid named Alex A.K.A. "Golden Eye" who gained the accuracy of the "infected", because he got the eyes infected. He covers one of his eyes with the hair and only uses the both when in dangerous situations. Uses 2 Desert Eagles .22 Long Rifle. Uses also 5 knifes in hidden pockets.
They decide to save the world by exploding the Tenebrae City's Nuclear Recearch Center (or TCNRC), but for that they need to find a way to go there without being killed by the zombies.
The history is more complex than this because it begins with the spreading of the virus, the half-infection of Mick and the search for survivors (Finding Jhon and Alex).
The first student being infected becomes the most strong "zombie" of all, so they have to kill him too (in the end).

There will be more ideas, but now i got to run... so i hope you like my talents! :D


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